Computer viruses can have a negative effect on your computer’s security and all your data. At the moment, there are a lot of viruses that spread themselves throughout your entire computer system and can make a negative impact on its performance.

Viruses are usually used by hackers who want to gain access to your private personal information and steal your data such as bank accounts and other online websites accounts that have anything to do with money. Some can even be deadly and ruin your career or personal life. It is very useful to know more about the viruses and what types of them can maybe affect your own computer one day. Here we are going to review some of the types of viruses you must avoid and watch out for.

Boot sector virus

When knowing about computer systems and understanding specifically how they work, boot sector viruses can be the most dangerous. They are spread to computers to investigate your boot record and can then they have full control of your computer. They are very difficult to clean out of your computer; it can require a full clean-up of the hard drive and full formatting. If the virus has successfully got into your boot sector and damaged the encryption, there is a no easy way of deleting it without losing your data.

Boot sector virus
Boot sector virus

To avoid them, make sure your removable media is safe and secure and is not affected by any unknown sources. They have started to spread twenty years ago when floppy disks were the only disks to transfer data from one device to another. Now, boot sector viruses can be attached to emails and USB drives. In one click in your email, the virus can spread and damage your system. However, with new computers released every year, the devices are being updated and improved to avoid any virus whatsoever.

Direct action virus

The virus is held as one of the main viruses that can infect a file and spread the virus through it. It does not require any installation or is unseen by the user. How it works is that putting the virus onto a file, usually with ending .exe, it then attaches to it and can spread the virus through other similar types of files. When a user opens the file it then activates the virus and it tries to go through any secure file to make it a virus as well. On the other hand, it is not as bad as others because it cannot delete your files and make your system’s performance drop numbers. It might make some of your files inaccessible, but it is easily scanned and can be deleted by your anti-virus software.

Multipartite virus

These viruses are hungry for everything and can ruin your whole computer and steal your data immediately. It is a hard one to delete and manage due to its power of spreading in various ways and can make a negative impact on your operating system and files. At the same time, a virus can make its way to the boot sector and torture your files, helping a virus to spread easier. To remove it, you have to consult with a computer professional because if you manage to delete it by rebooting your system, it can still leave a mark and affect it again when you turn your machine again.