If there’s one thing we have in this age it’s choice and lots of it. We are literally a spoiled generation. We have so much in every aspect of our lives that at times we don’t even know what to go for. This fact especially true for computers. Ever since the 2000’s the computer industry boomed past a point anyone could ever imagine. Many brands emerged onto the market, some succeeded others not so much. Let’s get into the best brands of the last 10 years.

Apple laptops are known to be a reliable bunch of computerized buddies. When you buy any Apple computer you know what exactly to expect, a high-quality laptop that will work efficiently for a long time. Apple Mac computers have a very solid design with the famous silver aluminum frame outer parts.

Not many people know but the aluminum frame of the MacBook is not just to make the design look sleek and “MacBook-esque” but it proven help reduce damage and failure rates of MacBooks collectively. It is a proven fact that as the Apple devises design gets smaller they tend to get more reliable. Isn’t that a plus, a slimmer laptop with a better design. The MacBook keyboard are reactive, smooth and a joy to use. They make typing swift, quick and easy. Rarely do people complain about the Apple computer keyboards. Consumer Report studies highlights that Apple Computers beat nine other laptop brands when it came to repairs. MacBook did not really need repairs in within the first three years of ownership.

On the downside MacBooks will carve a big hole in your pocket. Their popular models range from $1,000 to $1,800 but the professional models can even be a very steep 2000$. The price however doesn’t deter millions of people purchasing and falling madly in love with the Apple computers.

Dell is a well-known computer brand as well. It is loved by working professionals and students alike. Especially those who work in geology. They love their crop ultraportable laptops that work great, have specs, and don’t die easily without a long hard fight.

Looking for a PC for school or work?

A Dell is a great choice. Dell computers never used to look as flashy as MacBook’s but they multicolor make them flashy on a completely difference spectrum. Whipping out a hot pink glossy Dell is more of a fashion statement more than anything.

Another important reason why Dell 5 stars for reliability their customer support is is superb. It is known to be the best you’ll find outside of Apple. If something worrying takes place the customer service is a quick call away. Dell is more likely to give you a solution on the spot or at least a complimentary repair plan. Sometimes the most important factor is not the computer itself, but the company you are dealing with. A reliable company with solid values is the foundation for a great product that does what it says on the tin and provides the customer with added value.