2020 will be the year when the dominance in the console world is again in question. In autumn, both Sony and its direct competitor Microsoft are going to launch their new consoles at the same time. That is another battle to get more sympathies of the gamers. Sony wants to keep the top position with its PlayStation 5, while Microsoft has to go into attack mode again with the new Xbox Series X. For months, the technical details, the design, and the possibilities available for games have been seeping into the public. As the capabilities of the new products are going to be very similar, the price will become an essential point leading to success. Numerous other facts are already known.

A New Design

The design of the Xbox Series X is known for months. The manufacturer has massively changed the design of its console and now represents the fourth edition of the Xbox that resembles a classic PC. On the other hand, Sony kept the new design in secret and wanted to surprise their customers. But the previous versions might be significantly different from the final model of new the Play Station. After countless speculations, Sony finally released its new PlayStation 5 and represented the hot new consoles in June. Well, the surprise was great and brought a lot of happiness to the fans! The futuristic look of the white and black console immediately split the people.

The Largest Duckbill Ever

In initial malicious reactions, some even referred to the PlayStation 5 as a duckbill. However, these heated discussions distracted from another remarkable fact. The PlayStation 5 is gigantic. Although the dimensions are not yet known, it is probably the most massive console ever released. It towers over the PlayStation 3. Resourceful experts had extrapolated the aspect using the blue-ray drive and were amazed. The reason for this size is obvious. In the past, Sony received massive criticism about the volume of its consoles also. They had a lot of cooling problems that lead to huge disappointment and claims from customers. The market leader wanted to solve this problem and relies on large ventilation slots on the PlayStation 5. That should improve the heat dissipation from the device.

The Largest Duckbill Ever

Now, gamers around the world are excited to see what prices the two competing manufacturers will charge for their devices. Amazon France inadvertently leaked the prices. A few weeks ago, a pre-order form appeared on their website that offered two price categories. There we could see that the PlayStation 5 with its drive will cost £449 and in the digital version without the drive will cost £359. It is not clear yet that these were just placeholders or not. According to some recent rumors, Sony is going to announce the PlayStation 5 price on November 14th when the console will be launched on the market. In just over four months it will be clear who will prevail in the duel this time.