Today we are fortunate enough to have the world at our fingertips by means of the technology we have at our disposal. There have been many breakthroughs in this area that allow us to access the latest technological advances and the most distant corners of the world with ease and minimal cost. But with this advancement came a fierce and competitive market for creating the best products. Some of them failed after just a few months whereas others have had amazing success, like Apple. The brand managed to secure a place for itself in the top selling charts for years. But many people argue that the quality of a MAC is not actually that good, that sales records are due to a very good marketing campaign and that the classic PC is actually a better machine. We have listed some of the arguments of this debate in order to better understand this dilemma.


The design is the source of the most heated discussions. MAC is well-known for having a sleek design and cutting-edge look. There are many that argue that this is actually the main reason why people buy this product – for its looks. It is certainly true that we all like to have the most beautiful products, and this is one reason why MAC devices are so appealing and we aspire to buy them. PC’s are known for having a more efficient and practical design. These computers were often bulky and large, and the design was definitely not its strong point. But lately we are seeing many PC companies stepping up their designs and some of the latest models are considered to be extremely beautiful.


The price is another cause of debate for those looking into both types of computers. While a PC can come in at a wide range of prices, from the relatively cheap and accessible to the exclusive, and therefore more expensive models, they can be a good option for those who may not use a computer on a regular basis but know that they need one in this day and age. MACs are renowned for their high prices. Many people argue that it is too expensive and not worth buying. Of course, Apple has its reasons for its prices, and, despite all the opposing arguments, they still manage to sell plenty of devices each year.


The technical specifications can be extremely similar or very different depending on the model. There are some PCs that have almost identical specifications to MAC ’s and are more affordable. And then there are some PCs that have a much better specification at a higher price. This makes it hard to differentiate which is best.

The range of choice is definitely larger for PCs than for MACs. Apple offers around 5 types of computers from which you can choose while PC’s are produced by all sorts of companies, so you have a much larger range. Another issue is that MAC products usually only work with other Apple products. This is not a bad thing but is something you should consider when buying your next computer.