The growth of mobile devices such as tablets over the last decade has been nothing short of spectacular. Choosing a tablet today is not easy as there are so many choices available in the stores, and it is a wise move to do your homework before you go out to buy one.

As with everything your choice will somewhat be dictated by your budget but if you want something sleek and packed with power then we have some suggestions that might fit the bill.

How to Choose the Best for You

More than ever before, selecting a tablet is also selecting a proprietary operating system. For example, buying a Kindle Fire, then you are giving your allegiance to Amazon, which has its own App Store. If you opt for Android then you are placing your bets on Google, but at the moment the mammoth search engine operator seems to prefer Chromebooks. And of course, if you select an iPad then you are putting all your eggs in the Apple basket, if that makes sense.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

This lightweight iPad delivers astonishing performance, it is a real slick looking piece of kit with a screen of 12.9 and a resolution of a 2048×2732 pixels. The storage is also highly impressive at 1TB, and this tablet has both front and rear cameras. This is the biggest and most powerful tablet that Apple have produced up to today and its A12X Bionic processor is one of the most sophisticated on today‚Äôs market. Added to this is a 4K video capture which will support the new Apple Pencil.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The biggest attractions to buy this tablet is its brilliant display which is sharp and bright. And the addition of the impressive S Pen is a real bonus. This tablet has to be one of the best Android devices available on the market, with powerful hardware driving the crystal-clear screen and the sound system. If you try and compare this Samsung directly with our last tablet then you will find it falls short on many points, but at half the price of the iPad this must be taken into consideration as well. If you compare it with more standard iPad tablets, then you have a properly balanced competition.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Microsoft Surface Go

If you are a big Windows 10 fan and want a tablet that can deliver, then there is only one real choice and that is the Microsoft Surface Go. This sleek tablet can run undiluted Windows 10 with ease, and it comes together with a keyboard and a really useful pen. This tablet breaks into the Apple and Samsung market, but does not quite match their qualities, but there again the competition cannot operate Windows. All in all, this is a big deal and having Windows compatibility is its biggest attribute, this is why the Microsoft Surface Go is a serious contender for the best tablet of 2019. Added to all this you also have to look at the price, which is well positioned against the Samsung and the iPad.