Spyware or spying software is as its name implies. It is software that actively gathers information about an individual or an organization without their knowledge that may send such information to another entity without consent. There are four types of spying software namely adware, system monitor, Trojans and tracking cookies.

Most people are familiar with tracking cookies and adware. Tracking cookies are used to gather information across two unrelated websites or to present customized data to the internet user. Most websites use tracking cookies and notice is given to users upon opening a website that uses such. These are advantageous with regards to shopping history and browsing preferences.
Adware is another spying software usually encountered. It’s what results in banners and ad pop ups appearing automatically when a user is online. As its name states, system monitors are used to monitor the performance of a computer system.

Lastly, Trojans are a malicious software that are used for purposes of accessing and stealing user information such as personal identification, bank details, passwords and logins. Spying software has attracted negative reviews over the past few years. Some good has come to light in recent years. One of those been the customized browsing experiences. It however has had major success lately with parents and corporate organizations. With the increasing fears of children having uncensored access to the internet, many parents have applauded the coming of spying software that gives them access to their children’s phones and internet activities.

The spyware can monitor and record all calls taking note of the date, time, duration, type of call as well as the place of the call. This could be used to actively help in missing children cases or runaways. this could result in fewer open cases of missing children.

You can view and monitor all social media activities such as Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp and Snapchat with Spyware. Most children and adults spend a majority of their time online. Be it uploading pics, sharing stories etc. Having access to such would enable parents to be aware of what exactly their child is up to. It helps give insight into to mind of the child. In line with the text and MMS monitoring, companies also find these tools useful to monitor and ensure corporate secrets are not been communicated by staff to persons outside the organization.

Many variations of anti-spyware exist on the market. These are actively used to scan all incoming data and to detect and remove any existing spyware on a system. As such, it would be best for every parent or concerned user to know about spying software and how it affects them both for the better or the worse. As well as to equip them with the tools to manage and go about the use of the spying software on their current computing and mobile systems. In a digital focused universe, spyware has its virtues and vices.