Operating systems (OS) are basically the computer programs and they are the first thing the computer implements to open on the machine you have. The whole system operates itself to process the memory and starts taking care of usable means with ease. Despite the widely used Microsoft Windows system, Linux entered the field with a freer, more manageable, more open source OS.

Linus Torvalds, the student from University of Helsinki, in 1991 became known for creating Linux, little did he know it would blow up as a mastery project. At first, he had been assigned to create a disk driver for the other system to scan distinct files. However, while programming it, the project ultimately turned into the Linux kernel. The kernel is a necessary basis gist which sends out the information to the operating system of a made action or entered value. It is created to be the biggest open source exploit. It is a free alternative of OS in the entire computer world.

As mentioned before, the main benefit of Linux is that it’s made for you to design and form into whatever you desire, it is loose for your imagination. Presently, Linux is one of the most trendy and prevailing kernels applied to many services. Also, it is now the central piece of another linked operating systems (Fedora, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Kali). In addition, the other advantages add up to efficient running of the system: 1) having knowledge and experience in IT and programming can help you make your own custom type of computer operation and customize the processes, 2) thousands of free applications to install, 3) safe and protected system with no additional cost for anti-virus programs; the system is getting upgraded frequently with new updates to make it a safer OS, 4) reliable server running service, for example, for companies‘ websites and online shops (there are already a lot of servers using Linux, plus Apache – networking server connection). 

Linux combining with Apache is not the only one technology based upon creating websites for the internet. Others such as MySQL (controlling databases) and PHP or Python (programming languages) offer presumably good connection within Linux OS due to the openness and allowance to edit and modify them freely. Linux is much complicated to manage and adapt to than Microsoft Windows or mac-OS, yet it extends the possibilities of developing something more flexible and reliable.

The laptops and personal computers ‘brands are yet to provide some devices with Linux operating system already installed. Usually only people with some knowledge about Linux are proposing more devices to be brought to stores with that OS. Sooner or later more computers will be put in stock with Linux on them and with right compatible parts, although it is going to be hard to maintain appliances with the updated and the latest kernels. 

New users that are trying out Linux think it is a problematic operating system and requires lot of instructional manuals and how to use it. After some time they think it is not for them and they stick to the usual Windows OS. However, at this time, Linux have become more approachable and more favorable due to their main aspects – free customization and security.

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