Nowadays, computers are many people’s best friend: be it the old lady who lives across the street from you, or your hermit sibling who stays on the computer all day, only to be seen when he needs food. A lot of new age citizens have a soft spot for computers as they are cheaper than they were when first introduced to the world. You can now buy a decent device for 100$. And many places sell laptops that have been refurbished, what this means is that the laptop may have been used before but was kept in pristine condition; on the other hand, it could also have been a laptop that got a small scratch in the factory and couldn’t be sold directly by the manufacturer. These laptops are usually working great as if they are coming straight out of a brand-new box.

Not many people know how to take care of their precious digital investment (and, oftentimes, a companion). This lack of knowledge is one of the reasons why many computers die or fail to function very quickly. A device, regardless of its durability, still needs to be taken care of. Many outside elements can affect how the performance of your computer. One of such factor is heat, these electronic devises simply do not like it. That is why many computer cases have a cooling element inbuilt.

Surprisingly, dust is a sneaky factor that affects your computer. It clogs up and can disturb ventilation. Dust also acts like a warm blanket that your computer certainly doesn’t need. Certain manufacturers of the laptop cases create a way for the dust to be, at least partially, suctioned out of the device. This system can truly help your computer to function better. To avoid excess dust being pulled into your laptop, always place it computer on higher place such as a table. If you leave it on the floor or on lower ground, it is susceptible to sucking up more harmful particles. Dust usually settles on the floor quickly and more so on carpeted floors because carpets hold on to them much easily. Dust will always find its way to creep into your computer. Regularly cleaning out the device with compressed air is the best thing to do to ensure that not too much dust builds up inside. It is a huge mistake use a cloth to clean the dust as it can end up pushing it further back in.

Another important thing is to always turn off your computer when you don’t plan on using it for a while. The longer you have it on, the more unnecessary pressure you put on your computer’s internal hardware. You are literally making your computer run all of its apps when you don’t even need them on.

Would you leave your car engine running for over an hour with your excuse being that you will drive it later?

Exactly, no you wouldn’t. So why do that to your computer. Just like your car, your computer is great investment. Take care of it.