Not so long ago, when going out shopping to buy a laptop, most people would never have taken a gamble on a brand that they had never heard of.

But today things are very different, we are all aware that the same factories all over the world produce the same components that go into most popular makes of laptops. Added to this the fact that there are so many online reviews to guide our decision, buying a new laptop is not as risky as it once was.

Size Really Does Matter

When it comes to laptops, size really does matter as it is the physical size of the computer that really dictates the screen size. But bear in mind that larger screens such as 4K ones, have a big impact on your battery and will seriously test its capacity. Perhaps you would be better of ignoring this sort of screen and opt for such as 1080p which are far cheaper and less demanding on your battery.

Budget Laptops

Do not discard budget laptops as there are some really great ones that are on the market, but just because they are cheap does not mean they are up to the grade for what you require. Selecting a new laptop you first have to decide what you want your machine to do, if you are keen on video games then you will need something with a great graphics card, if you just want to store your music then a basic machine will suffice.

Budget Laptops
Budget Laptops

Paying too Much

The opposite end of budget laptops has many computers that cost an absolute fortune. Some people make the mistake of blowing their budget under the impression the more you spend the better the laptop will be. This is not necessarily the case, as you may be just paying for features that you will never use. And there is a very good chance that if you are straining your budget to buy a fancy machine then there is a lot you don’t need. For instance, a new MacBrook Pro can cost up to $6,000 but there are few of us that could possibly need the 4 terabit of storage space that comes with this computer. If you look around, then a machine with half the storage will only cost around $3,000.

Buy for the Future

Laptops can now last for years, gone are the days when they used to break down regularly and the battery only lasts for twelve months. So, it is important to think ahead and future-proof your purchase so that your computer can still be of use in four or five years’ time. So do not opt for a base model due to price, there are many low-cost machines that only offer 4GB of RAM, this will severely limit its long term use, as the storage space will soon run out and it will probably be really slow when asked to run multiple applications. 

Although your budget will generally decide your choice of laptop, take these tips on board and you may buy something closer to what you actually need.