Once upon a time, your internet use was anchored to the clunky machine in the corner of your study complete with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. These days, of course, the advancement of portable computers such as laptops and tablets (and even your smartphone!) mean that you can access all of the internet’s marvels wherever you go.

This on demand service has created a culture of expectation amongst consumers for devices to seamlessly deliver the content that they crave in a simple and easy to use way. It has revolutionized how entertainment is generated in the modern world and opened up endless opportunities for new avenues to be explored.

Netflix and Chill

Perhaps one of the most successful new forms of entertainment in recent years has been on demand streaming services. Covering both TV shows and movies, platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV have seen enormous growth in audience size since they became widely available across the globe.

Portable tech, like laptops and tablets, has helped to build the on demand streaming empire as it has enabled viewers to watch not just what they want, when they want, but also where they want. Laptops and tablets can be charged and then taken to bed, taken to the park, on the train or even to the beach. The possibilities are endless!

Stay connected at all times

On a Roll

Speaking of possibilities, the online gaming world has also taken a new direction since personal computers became more compact. Whilst you still might need to shell out on a gaming PC for those hardcore titles like World of Warcraft or even The Sims, a standard laptop or tablet will do just fine for most online games.

With a whole new world of gaming opportunity available literally at your fingertips, it’s simply up to you to choose which direction to head in. Whether you want to play through your favourite fictional worlds, sample one or two different versions of blackjack or get creative with some soothing colouring, everything is now optimised for gaming on the go.

Follow Me!

With the advancement of modern technology has come the boom in social media use. It seems like almost everybody on Earth is now tweeting on Twitter, posting to Facebook, Instagramming their meals and using that dog filter on Snapchat. Tablets are perhaps better suited to these types of social media, as they run on apps just like a smartphone. You can scroll through your Instagram feed, post to your Facebook stories or use the latest location filters on Snapchat all from your tablet.

However, if you’ve only got your laptop with you, it’s still possible to check the desktop versions of most of these platforms. In fact, some people prefer to check photo-heavy feeds like Instagram using their larger laptop screen.

Stay online even at a friend’s house

Hey, Mr DJ

Gone are the days when you needed a physical recording of a song in order to listen to it at home. Whilst vinyl has been steadily making a comeback in a big way, online listening is where all the action is at the moment. Much like on demand TV and movie streaming sites, music streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Music are where most people get their music fix on the move.

The quality of portable speakers now available means that you can listen anytime, anywhere without compromising quality. Simply plug them into the headphone jack of your tablet or laptop, or even connect wirelessly using Bluetooth, and away you go.

Shop ‘til You Drop

And where are you going to find the best deals on those portable speakers? Online, of course! Thanks to Amazon, online shopping has taken over every market in the 21st century. Whether you want a book, a new dress, a portable speaker or even a new tablet, you’ll probably look online first.

Shopping from a laptop or tablet is much easier than using a home PC used to me. With a tablet, you can scroll through all of your options before selecting your chosen product with a fingertip. All of your banking and delivery details can be stored to the device, so that they fill in automatically and then all you have to do is wait. It really couldn’t be simpler.

As you will have recognised whilst reading through this article, portable technology in the form of laptops and tablets has changed our lives more than we appreciate. Most of us are still able to remember life before home computers were the norm, let alone owning one that you can slip into your shoulder bag. People born in the 21st century, however, will grow up accepting these powerful, portable devices as part of the natural order of things. It really gives you something to think about.