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The Difference Between a PC and a MAC

Today we are fortunate enough to have the world at our fingertips by means of the technology we have at our disposal. There have been many breakthroughs in this area that allow us to access the latest technological advances and the most distant corners of the world with ease and minimal cost. But with this advancement came a fierce and competitive market for creating the best products. Some of them failed after just a few months whereas others have had amazing success, like Apple. The brand managed to secure a place for itself in the top selling charts for years. But many people argue that the quality of a MAC is not actually that good, that sales records are due to a very good marketing campaign and that the classic PC is actually a better machine. We have listed some of the arguments of this debate in order to better understand this dilemma. Design The design is the source of the most heated discussions. MAC is well-known for having a sleek design and cutting-edge look. There are many that argue that this is actually the main reason why people buy this product – for its looks. It is certainly true that we all like to have the most beautiful products, and this is one reason why MAC devices are so appealing and we aspire to buy them. PC’s are...

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SEO: Optimizing Your Portal

What is a website? Has anyone ever questioned what are these places we seek to visit on the concept that is internet? A website is essentially a portal or a page, accessible online and displaying the information that the host desires to publish. It could be a website containing pictures of frogs or a site describing how to write the perfect thesis for the MA degree.  The entire construction of the internet as we know it is made from various websites. And one of the best ways to find a certain site is to look it up with search engines; so, of course, everyone wants their site to be as friendly to those engines as possible. The loading speed of the site is a lesser known but a truly important aspect to owning a good website that any search engine would like. The amount of time it takes for a website to fully load will ensure what position your page will appear in on the search results. From 2010 onwards, the force dominating internet searches, Google, stated that site speed will be one of the indicators used by its algorithm (the Google Bot) to rank pages. Website speed is the length of time a visitor has to wait until the page is completely loaded. Some websites take about 5 seconds to load up, others can take as much as...

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Bitcoin – the Virtual Currency

Bitcoin, the world’s fastest growing craze in the world of cryptocurrency, is globally dominating the online money markets. As of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment. Many people do not trust the bitcoin because it is not like real, tangible currency we have been using for years. Cryptocurrency seems to be deceptive because it lacks physical properties. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that exists. It was just one of the key players in the global explosion of the “computerized currency”. Bitcoin started in 2008 when an unknown software developer brought forth the idea of having a currency that can buy goods and services but is based on owning a virtual token, which in essence is just a line of code. This line of code or token can then be used throughout the bitcoin network as a form of currency. The developer, identified as Satoshi Nakatomo, had the idea of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency because he wanted a world where transactions can take place outside of banks and central authorities. Instead of a human being in a physical bank handling all the transactions and monitoring them for any signs of fraud, a computer will take care of all of that instead. Instead of a bank printing notes and minting coins, it is the computer that will create and hold the currency. The process of acquiring...

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Choosing A Good Laptop Cooling Pad

Laptops often bring the struggle of having to deal with excess heat due to their design. Air circulation is often cut off, causing overheating. Gamers, or anyone working with demanding applications on laptops, suffer an overheating laptop base. This is where modern cooling pads come into action. Cooling pads offer a simple solution – they send a constant stream of the much-needed cool air through to the internal laptop components that have the tendency of overheating. Always remember that the type of cooling you purchase for your laptop will affect its cooldown rate, so it’s important to choose the right pad as the market offers a variety of different products of such nature. To help you with the decision, take a look at the following tips. The efficiency of a laptop cooling pad depends on the placement of air vents, the concept is similar to the wheels you put on a car. Place small wheels on a jeep and you won’t get anywhere without some glitches. When it comes to air vents, they are a vital factor as the quality of the cooling is based on the condition of the equipment. It is important to check the basic compatibility of the laptop to the vents you wish to purchase. Aspects such as the placement of the cooling mechanism are the main things to inspect. Always look on sites like...

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From Simple Computers to Robot Advisors

First and foremost, what is robo advisors? Robo-advisors or Robo-advisers are a type of financial adviser that provides financial advice or Investment management advice online with very minimal human interference or help. Have we truly lost the plot abusing the innovations of great men such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Have we become completely inundated with technology? There are pros and cons to everything in life, so in short, we’ll analyses the virtues and vices of Robo advisors. One of the advantages of robo-advisors is that they are cheap alternatives to traditional human advisors. As with all industries when you cut out human labor, an automated machine can the same services at a fraction of the cost. This means that Robo advisors can charge a very low annual flat fee of 0.2% to 0.5% of a client’s total account balance. The rate of a financial planner is however a typical one percent % to two percent, this could increase for accounts that are commission based. Robo-advisors offer more accessibility. They are available day or night all you must do as a user is just have internet connection. It also takes significantly less money to get started. As we all know the minimum asserts needed to register for an account are usually in the hundreds to at-least thousands. However, robot advisors have one of the most popular advisors which...

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