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How to Buy a New Laptop

Not so long ago, when going out shopping to buy a laptop, most people would never have taken a gamble on a brand that they had never heard of. But today things are very different, we are all aware that the same factories all over the world produce the same components that go into most popular makes of laptops. Added to this the fact that there are so many online reviews to guide our decision, buying a new laptop is not as risky as it once was. Size Really Does Matter When it comes to laptops, size really does matter as it is the physical size of the computer that really dictates the screen size. But bear in mind that larger screens such as 4K ones, have a big impact on your battery and will seriously test its capacity. Perhaps you would be better of ignoring this sort of screen and opt for such as 1080p which are far cheaper and less demanding on your battery. Budget Laptops Do not discard budget laptops as there are some really great ones that are on the market, but just because they are cheap does not mean they are up to the grade for what you require. Selecting a new laptop you first have to decide what you want your machine to do, if you are keen on video games then you...

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Types of computer viruses

Computer viruses can have a negative effect on your computer’s security and all your data. At the moment, there are a lot of viruses that spread themselves throughout your entire computer system and can make a negative impact on its performance. Viruses are usually used by hackers who want to gain access to your private personal information and steal your data such as bank accounts and other online websites accounts that have anything to do with money. Some can even be deadly and ruin your career or personal life. It is very useful to know more about the viruses and what types of them can maybe affect your own computer one day. Here we are going to review some of the types of viruses you must avoid and watch out for. Boot sector virus When knowing about computer systems and understanding specifically how they work, boot sector viruses can be the most dangerous. They are spread to computers to investigate your boot record and can then they have full control of your computer. They are very difficult to clean out of your computer; it can require a full clean-up of the hard drive and full formatting. If the virus has successfully got into your boot sector and damaged the encryption, there is a no easy way of deleting it without losing your data. Boot sector virus To avoid them,...

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Linux operating system

Operating systems (OS) are basically the computer programs and they are the first thing the computer implements to open on the machine you have. The whole system operates itself to process the memory and starts taking care of usable means with ease. Despite the widely used Microsoft Windows system, Linux entered the field with a freer, more manageable, more open source OS. Linus Torvalds, the student from University of Helsinki, in 1991 became known for creating Linux, little did he know it would blow up as a mastery project. At first, he had been assigned to create a disk driver for the other system to scan distinct files. However, while programming it, the project ultimately turned into the Linux kernel. The kernel is a necessary basis gist which sends out the information to the operating system of a made action or entered value. It is created to be the biggest open source exploit. It is a free alternative of OS in the entire computer world. As mentioned before, the main benefit of Linux is that it’s made for you to design and form into whatever you desire, it is loose for your imagination. Presently, Linux is one of the most trendy and prevailing kernels applied to many services. Also, it is now the central piece of another linked operating systems (Fedora, Ubuntu, Knoppix, Kali). In addition, the other advantages...

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How Tablets Have Changed the Computer World

The technological advancements we have witnessed in the last few years are much greater that any advances made in the last century. Now, the world around us is just a click or if you want, a tap away. Computers have succeeded in making our lives much easier, thanks to the fact that they now do some of the tasks we once did, and they have opened up a new world of information. But after computers conquered along came a new strong warrior in the technological battle, tablets appeared as something new and unique and they managed to get into our hearts and houses almost instantly. Many people believe that tablets also permanently changed the way the computer industry works. Same Function Different Size Tablets managed to be so popular due to the fact that they have similar functions to a laptop, but they are easier to use, are lightweight and more convenient for travel. Also, we see that lately we are becoming more and more attached to touch screen devices thanks to the fact that it is much easier to use – it also looks cool. Manufacturers saw peoples´ love for the touch screen and incorporated them into their designs. LED screens had a large role in the popularity of various devices, tablets being one of them. We now see that more and more PCs and laptops tend to...

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How to Take Care of Your Computer

Nowadays, computers are many people’s best friend: be it the old lady who lives across the street from you, or your hermit sibling who stays on the computer all day, only to be seen when he needs food. A lot of new age citizens have a soft spot for computers as they are cheaper than they were when first introduced to the world. You can now buy a decent device for 100$. And many places sell laptops that have been refurbished, what this means is that the laptop may have been used before but was kept in pristine condition; on the other hand, it could also have been a laptop that got a small scratch in the factory and couldn’t be sold directly by the manufacturer. These laptops are usually working great as if they are coming straight out of a brand-new box. Not many people know how to take care of their precious digital investment (and, oftentimes, a companion). This lack of knowledge is one of the reasons why many computers die or fail to function very quickly. A device, regardless of its durability, still needs to be taken care of. Many outside elements can affect how the performance of your computer. One of such factor is heat, these electronic devises simply do not like it. That is why many computer cases have a cooling element inbuilt. Surprisingly,...

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