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Three of the Most Famous Hackers of All Time

Hacking is one of those interesting professions, similar to a spy or conman, in which your level of fame is not necessarily an indicator of your proficiency or skill in the area. In fact, one could argue that, in hacking, the more famous you are the less skill you have in your job – namely hacking into things and getting out again undetected. In fact, most of the hackers on this list were caught and arrested for their crimes. However, two of them were subsequently given Gary McKinnon One of the most infamous hacking cases in European history, UK-born...

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Two of the Most Infamous Computer Viruses

For most of us, computer viruses are a hidden phenomenon. With a little bit of web savvy, and an update antivirus software, the risk of downloading an infective program onto your personal computer is minimal. However, this is not, and has not always been, the case. Throughout the early days of the internet, computer viruses were a much more prescient problem for your average computer user – and in the modern day, governments, business and major public institutions must also be wary of ransomware and cyberwarfare attacks. From industrial sabotage to high-tech vandalism or criminal ransomware that aims to...

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The Best Tablets of 2019

The growth of mobile devices such as tablets over the last decade has been nothing short of spectacular. Choosing a tablet today is not easy as there are so many choices available in the stores, and it is a wise move to do your homework before you go out to buy one. As with everything your choice will somewhat be dictated by your budget but if you want something sleek and packed with power then we have some suggestions that might fit the bill. How to Choose the Best for You More than ever before, selecting a tablet is...

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How to Buy a New Laptop

Not so long ago, when going out shopping to buy a laptop, most people would never have taken a gamble on a brand that they had never heard of. But today things are very different, we are all aware that the same factories all over the world produce the same components that go into most popular makes of laptops. Added to this the fact that there are so many online reviews to guide our decision, buying a new laptop is not as risky as it once was. Size Really Does Matter When it comes to laptops, size really does...

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Types of computer viruses

Computer viruses can have a negative effect on your computer’s security and all your data. At the moment, there are a lot of viruses that spread themselves throughout your entire computer system and can make a negative impact on its performance. Viruses are usually used by hackers who want to gain access to your private personal information and steal your data such as bank accounts and other online websites accounts that have anything to do with money. Some can even be deadly and ruin your career or personal life. It is very useful to know more about the viruses...

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