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The Duel Playstation Against Xbox Goes Into The Fourth Round

2020 will be the year when the dominance in the console world is again in question. In autumn, both Sony and its direct competitor Microsoft are going to launch their new consoles at the same time. That is another battle to get more sympathies of the gamers. Sony wants to keep the top position with its PlayStation 5, while Microsoft has to go into attack mode again with the new Xbox Series X. For months, the technical details, the design, and the possibilities available for games have been seeping into the public. As the capabilities of the new products...

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Three of the Most Famous Hackers of All Time

Hacking is one of those interesting professions, similar to a spy or conman, in which your level of fame is not necessarily an indicator of your proficiency or skill in the area. In fact, one could argue that, in hacking, the more famous you are the less skill you have in your job – namely hacking into things and getting out again undetected. In fact, most of the hackers on this list were caught and arrested for their crimes. However, two of them were subsequently given Gary McKinnon One of the most infamous hacking cases in European history, UK-born McKinnon (who has severe Asperger’s syndrome) was the perpetrator of the ‘largest military computer hack of all time’ when he attacked US military systems over the space of several months between 2001 and 2002. Causing $700,000 worth of damage, McKinnon deleted critical files on key systems – causing the entire Washington Network of the US Military to crash for 24 hours. After being caught he claimed was looking for evidence of UFO abductions, repressed technology and other conspiracy theories. The UK government of the day wanted to extradite McKinnon to the US to face charges that could see him potentially spend the rest of his life in prison. Many celebrities and media outlets supported McKinnon and his parents however, and it was claimed that there was a ‘high risk of...

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Two of the Most Infamous Computer Viruses

For most of us, computer viruses are a hidden phenomenon. With a little bit of web savvy, and an update antivirus software, the risk of downloading an infective program onto your personal computer is minimal. However, this is not, and has not always been, the case. Throughout the early days of the internet, computer viruses were a much more prescient problem for your average computer user – and in the modern day, governments, business and major public institutions must also be wary of ransomware and cyberwarfare attacks. From industrial sabotage to high-tech vandalism or criminal ransomware that aims to extort a profit from organisations they infect, these are two of the highest profile viruses ever programmed – which all had huge financial and practical consequences for the unlucky networks that were subject to their attacks. Stuxnet Probably the most famous of cyberwarfare programmes, the Stuxnet virus targets PLCS – not Private Limited Companies, but Programmable Logic Controllers. Essentially PLCs control the function of industrial machines. In this case, the virus specifically targeted a PLC made by Siemens and used by many industrial facilities around the globe. However, Stuxnet had a specific target in mind – the Iranian nuclear programme. Released in 2010, reportedly via an infected flash drive so that it could get into private networked machines, Stuxnet caused the spinning centrifuges in uranium enrichment facilities to break themselves...

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The Best Tablets of 2019

The growth of mobile devices such as tablets over the last decade has been nothing short of spectacular. Choosing a tablet today is not easy as there are so many choices available in the stores, and it is a wise move to do your homework before you go out to buy one. As with everything your choice will somewhat be dictated by your budget but if you want something sleek and packed with power then we have some suggestions that might fit the bill. How to Choose the Best for You More than ever before, selecting a tablet is also selecting a proprietary operating system. For example, buying a Kindle Fire, then you are giving your allegiance to Amazon, which has its own App Store. If you opt for Android then you are placing your bets on Google, but at the moment the mammoth search engine operator seems to prefer Chromebooks. And of course, if you select an iPad then you are putting all your eggs in the Apple basket, if that makes sense. Apple iPad Pro 12.9 This lightweight iPad delivers astonishing performance, it is a real slick looking piece of kit with a screen of 12.9 and a resolution of a 2048×2732 pixels. The storage is also highly impressive at 1TB, and this tablet has both front and rear cameras. This is the biggest and most powerful...

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How to Buy a New Laptop

Not so long ago, when going out shopping to buy a laptop, most people would never have taken a gamble on a brand that they had never heard of. But today things are very different, we are all aware that the same factories all over the world produce the same components that go into most popular makes of laptops. Added to this the fact that there are so many online reviews to guide our decision, buying a new laptop is not as risky as it once was. Size Really Does Matter When it comes to laptops, size really does matter as it is the physical size of the computer that really dictates the screen size. But bear in mind that larger screens such as 4K ones, have a big impact on your battery and will seriously test its capacity. Perhaps you would be better of ignoring this sort of screen and opt for such as 1080p which are far cheaper and less demanding on your battery. Budget Laptops Do not discard budget laptops as there are some really great ones that are on the market, but just because they are cheap does not mean they are up to the grade for what you require. Selecting a new laptop you first have to decide what you want your machine to do, if you are keen on video games then you...

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