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Month: March 2018

From Simple Computers to Robot Advisors

First and foremost, what is robo advisors? Robo-advisors or Robo-advisers are a type of financial adviser that provides financial advice or Investment management advice online with very minimal human interference or help. Have we truly lost the plot abusing the innovations of great men such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Have we become completely inundated with technology? There are pros and cons to everything in life, so in short, we’ll analyses the virtues and vices of Robo advisors. One of the advantages of robo-advisors is that they are cheap alternatives to traditional human advisors. As with all industries when you cut out human labor, an automated machine can the same services at a fraction of the cost. This means that Robo advisors can charge a very low annual flat fee of 0.2% to 0.5% of a client’s total account balance. The rate of a financial planner is however a typical one percent % to two percent, this could increase for accounts that are commission based. Robo-advisors offer more accessibility. They are available day or night all you must do as a user is just have internet connection. It also takes significantly less money to get started. As we all know the minimum asserts needed to register for an account are usually in the hundreds to at-least thousands. However, robot advisors have one of the most popular advisors which...

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The Top Laptop Brands of The Decade

If there’s one thing we have in this age it’s choice and lots of it. We are literally a spoiled generation. We have so much in every aspect of our lives that at times we don’t even know what to go for. This fact especially true for computers. Ever since the 2000’s the computer industry boomed past a point anyone could ever imagine. Many brands emerged onto the market, some succeeded others not so much. Let’s get into the best brands of the last 10 years. Apple laptops are known to be a reliable bunch of computerized buddies. When you buy any Apple computer you know what exactly to expect, a high-quality laptop that will work efficiently for a long time. Apple Mac computers have a very solid design with the famous silver aluminum frame outer parts. Not many people know but the aluminum frame of the MacBook is not just to make the design look sleek and “MacBook-esque” but it proven help reduce damage and failure rates of MacBooks collectively. It is a proven fact that as the Apple devises design gets smaller they tend to get more reliable. Isn’t that a plus, a slimmer laptop with a better design. The MacBook keyboard are reactive, smooth and a joy to use. They make typing swift, quick and easy. Rarely do people complain about the Apple computer keyboards. Consumer Report studies...

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How Laptops and Tablets Have Changed Entertainment

Once upon a time, your internet use was anchored to the clunky machine in the corner of your study complete with external monitor, keyboard and mouse. These days, of course, the advancement of portable computers such as laptops and tablets (and even your smartphone!) mean that you can access all of the internet’s marvels wherever you go. This on demand service has created a culture of expectation amongst consumers for devices to seamlessly deliver the content that they crave in a simple and easy to use way. It has revolutionized how entertainment is generated in the modern world and opened up endless opportunities for new avenues to be explored. Netflix and Chill Perhaps one of the most successful new forms of entertainment in recent years has been on demand streaming services. Covering both TV shows and movies, platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV have seen enormous growth in audience size since they became widely available across the globe. Portable tech, like laptops and tablets, has helped to build the on demand streaming empire as it has enabled viewers to watch not just what they want, when they want, but also where they want. Laptops and tablets can be charged and then taken to bed, taken to the park, on the train or even to the beach. The possibilities are endless! Stay connected at all times...

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The Age of Computer Spyware

Spyware or spying software is as its name implies. It is software that actively gathers information about an individual or an organization without their knowledge that may send such information to another entity without consent. There are four types of spying software namely adware, system monitor, Trojans and tracking cookies. Most people are familiar with tracking cookies and adware. Tracking cookies are used to gather information across two unrelated websites or to present customized data to the internet user. Most websites use tracking cookies and notice is given to users upon opening a website that uses such. These are advantageous with regards to shopping history and browsing preferences. Adware is another spying software usually encountered. It’s what results in banners and ad pop ups appearing automatically when a user is online. As its name states, system monitors are used to monitor the performance of a computer system. Lastly, Trojans are a malicious software that are used for purposes of accessing and stealing user information such as personal identification, bank details, passwords and logins. Spying software has attracted negative reviews over the past few years. Some good has come to light in recent years. One of those been the customized browsing experiences. It however has had major success lately with parents and corporate organizations. With the increasing fears of children having uncensored access to the internet, many parents have applauded...

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